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Инструкция на mazda 3

Interior Features ® Bluetooth 14. Make sure the lever returns to its original position and the seatback is locked in place by attempting to push it forward and backward. Neither will properly fi t and could your vehicle: damage both tire and rim. Without Front Passenger Occupant 1. If you iPod has information which can be cannot clear the error indication, take the displayed. Driving your vehicle with diff erent types of tires is dangerous. Set the mode selector dial to the driving up long hills or in heavy position. When Driving Switches and Controls AFS OFF switch Pressing the AFS OFF switch turns off the AFS. Speak the you like to enable it? Interior Features Audio System Do not spill any liquid on the audio FM characteristics system. If you smell exhaust gas inside the vehicle, keep all windows fully open and contact an Authorized Mazda Dealer immediately. If the tires are returned to a normal state and the Smart City Brake Support SCBS indicator light still illuminates, have your vehicle inspected by an Authorized Mazda Dealer. When the system is temporarily canceled When accelerating using the SET switch while in headway control, the set In the following cases, the Mazda Radar vehicle speed can be adjusted but Cruise Control MRCC system is acceleration is not possible. If the steering feels stiffer than usual during normal driving or the steering vibrates, consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer. Interior Features ® Bluetooth 1. For the purposes of safety, switch the Mazda Radar Cruise Control MRCC system off when it is not being used. Set the temperature control dial to the temperature warning light to see if it is desired position. Essential Safety Equipment SRS Air Bags SRS Air Bag Deployment Criteria This chart indicates the applicable SRS equipment that will deploy depending on the type of collision. If you lose this key, consult an Starting the engine or shaking Authorized Mazda Dealer or use the lock the vehicle while it is jacked up is manufacturer's order form, which is with dangerous as it could cause the vehicle the registration card. Press a channel preset button for about 2 seconds until a beep is heard. Consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer.

In a collision the tether strap could slide off the head restraint and loosen the child- restraint system.

Essential Safety Equipment Child-Restraint U. Мировая премьера Mazda 3 третьего поколения состоялась на Франкфуртском автосалоне в сентябре 2013 года. Disconnect the bulb from the socket. When Driving Switches and Controls NOTE The timing in which the system switches the headlights changes under the following conditions. Interior Features Audio System Do not spill any liquid on the audio FM characteristics system. The key is near electronic devices such be an interesting toy to play with and as personal computers. Turn the socket and bulb assembly 8. Pull the center of each plastic retainer and remove the retainers. Device Mobile phone operation: 6. The indicator light will illuminate. Before Driving Windows Operating the Passenger Power Power Window Lock Switch Windows This feature prevents all power windows To open the window to the desired from operating, except the driver's power position, hold down the switch. The displayable range is limited.

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Electronic Brake Force Do not drive with both the ABS warning light and brake warning light illuminated.

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