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Though the 40N6 missile has a range of 400 km, it is not known if such a missile is available for export. Retrieved 14 November 2014. India has obtained a contract to acquire S-400 anti-ballistic missile systems from Moscow at a cost of around Rs 70,000 crores on November 2, 2015 during a visit by Defence Minister. Retrieved December 9, 2010. However, those reports were refuted by Russia. The target engagement radar is a antenna of the reflection type mounted on the front of the fire control system with a 60 degree field of view. Полная русская и английская инструкция к часам Casio Edifice ERA-200. Разряд Маркировка на Брызги, Купание, мытье Подводное Водолазное корпусе дождь машины и т. Small-sized and high-speed targets. The S-400 was also deployed near the town of. The Military Balance 2012. В индикаторе также можно настроить звуковое уведомление. Retrieved 14 November 2014. System response time less than 10 seconds. The inclusion of the 48N6DMK into the Kirov's arsenal extends its air defense range from 100 km 62 mi; 54 nmi with the 48N6E2 missile from the to 250 km 160 mi; 130 nmi. While the loss of the bomber has also been attributed to , which Georgia obtained from in 2007, if the loss can be attributed to Tor it would be the first time the as yet unproven system has seen combat use. The Saudis want to buy twelve systems, each of eight launchers. Retrieved 14 November 2014. Retrieved 14 November 2014. This system is designated as short-range air defense system to protect the S-400 from various threats at their terminal phases, and will also act together with the as a supplement to the SA-21 Growler.

Retrieved 14 November 2014.

As a result of this, the S-400 was scheduled for deployment in the Russian army in 2001. All 56 battalions will be delivered by 2020. The latest variant features: Improved fire control radar coverage, and Four 4 guidance channels, allowing up to four missiles to be engaged simultaneously. Blues-rock 1 Этюд для гитары. On December 22, 2015 India's Cabinet Committee on Security CCS approved the deal. Retrieved 14 November 2014. The vehicle must stop intermittently when firing, although trials are being conducted to eliminate this restriction. Development of Morfey started in 2007 and was planned to be introduced in 2013, however was delayed until at least 2015. Though the 40N6 missile has a range of 400 km, it is not known if such a missile is available for export. Phased-array radar and the multipath Command Center Automatic operation, serves as the command center for the entire system all battalions and all external resources including passive.

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It allows for efficient allocation of tasks between the individual Tor-M1 crews and allows each TLAR to be linked into a wider air defense system, thereby increasing target detection range and reducing reaction time.

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